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Foreign Cartoonists Comment on Mid-Terms

Not only have the mid-term elections garnered tons of media attention here in the United States, but cartoonists from around the globe have weighed in on the Republican "wave" that has swept over many Democrats this cycle.

Foreign cartoonists are much different from their American counterparts. The most respected world cartoons are wordless; the cartoonists believe cartoons are a universal language, understandable by all.

Here are some cartoons I liked about the mid-term elections from our cartooning friends worldwide:

Patrick Chappatte / International Herald Tribune, PoliticalCartoons.com


Shlomo Cohen / Israel Today, PoliticalCartoons.com


Petar Pismestrovic / Kleine Zeitung (Austria), PoliticalCartoons.com


Martin Sutovec (Shooty) / SME Daily (Slovakia), PoliticalCartoons.com


Frederick Deligne / Pelerin (France), PoliticalCartoons.com