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Leslie Neilsen Cartoons

The death of actor Leslie Nielsen brought back an interesting dilemma that crops up often among cartoonists - drawing the same idea. In this case, it's a play off the famous "Don't call me Shirley" line from Airplane!

Matching cartoons isn't a case of plagiarism, it's simply "group-think" by cartoonists who, due to different circumstances, end up drawing the same gag or idea. When five or more cartoonists draw the same gag, we call it a "yahtzee."

Some cartoonists also hate the idea of "obituary cartoons" and drawing the pearly gates, but I'll leave that debate open for another time.

Jeremy Nell / The New Age, South Africa

Joe Heller / Green Bay Post-Gazette, PoliticalCartoons.com

Steve Kelley / New Orleans Times-Picayune

Dave Granlund / PoliticalCartoons.com

UPDATE: Thanks to Mark Streeter of the Savannah Morning News, we now have Leslie Nielsen "Shirley" YAHTZEE!

Mark Streeter / Savannah Morning News