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Second Amendment Cartoon

We've had a lot of interesting comments on this cartoon by Mike Lester of the Rome News-Tribune (view more of Lester's cartoon here). In the wake of the AZ shooing, some members of Congress have called for a renewed need for more gun control, something Lester is very opposed to.

Mike Lester / Rome News-Tribune

Geoff: This is awful. Some Rambo wannabe’s wetdream. As somebody pointed out, even cops with all their training often bring down a whole lot of innocent bystanders, and the myth of someone with a gun somehow saving the day is… dangerous.

Dan T: Any individual, having proper training, equipment and mindset, is unlikely to be in a situation such as this. That is one very good reason more such individuals are needed… to increase the likelihood of “right place, right time” happening. Training and equipment are available, mindset can be developed.

Beth Cravens: Just because you’re packing heat doesn’t mean that you can come to the rescue. Even if you can get the gun out of concealment in time do you know who you are supposed to be shooting at? Sure it’s obvious in a one on one situation, but in a crowded room full of panicky people… I don’t know. I feel like the people who subdued the gunman did the right thing that took a lot of guts.

Felicia Price: How much do you think criminals would second guess themselves about robbing or breaking into someone's home if they knew that person would not be in trouble for using their weapon to defend themselves?

Colin: This cartoon is great in theory. I heard an interview the other day with the guest insisting that if only there had been more guns in the crowd the guy would have died in a “hail of gunfire”. Just what you need in the middle of a crowd, a hail of gunfire.

Dennis Walker: 2nd amendment written in an era of expansion and firearms were single shot weapons! Hell, a bow and arrow coud deliver faster in those days. When the law allows single shot weapons only I will support gun ownership as defied by the Constitution. Right to bear arms is so abused in this country and it is abused for profit. Armed citizens usually end up killing innocent cvilians as they have no training and HELLO…most bullets pass thru the body and hit something else!

Alexander Thorburn Hoffman: More guns mean less crime. Sane people d o not go on rampages, or attempt to assassinate leaders or public figures. Criminals and those with criminal intent will always find a way to get a gun, no matter what controls exist. The majority of all gun crimes involve illegally acquired guns. Laws preventing law abiding citizens from getting guns for their protection will just leave them unarmed in response to a criminal act.

What do you think?