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NRA Memorial Cartoon: Fair or Foul

It's part of the job description of the editorial cartoonist to tackle the controversial issues of the day, and no debate is more heated following the tragic shooting in Tuscon than gun control and the second amendment.

John Cole, the cartoonist at the Scranton Times-Tribune, weighed in on the issue with the cartoon below, featuring an imagined NRA Memorial in Washington D.C.

Reactions to the cartoons have run the gamut of political thought. Here is a sampling of what we've heard so far from our readers:

MRK: A cartoon that really illuminates the darkness of imagination of the cartoonist. Also his hatred and narrow mindedness.

TRoyal: Oh, I’m sure he’s sorry, gun nuts. What’s so narrow minded about having a statue that shoots bullets? Or is every representation of guns except bathed in the Holy Light examples of “hatred”?

Bosco43: Don’t you go knocking the Glock 33 round clip. It comes in very handy when the 15 round clip just will not get the job done. The founding fathers certainly had such clips in mind when they gave us the right to bear arms.

James II: Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But if you want to take out a crowd, a semi-automatic pistol makes your task far easier than using a pointy stick.

Cornflake: The amount of rounds are really irrelevant. This first one fired by that wacko is too many. It was his behavior that killed and maimed. If he was unable to to acquire the extended clip he would have made due with the standard clip.

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