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Debate Over Lester Teacher Cartoon

As Wisconsin public workers continue to protest against Republican plans to roll back their benefits and bargaining rights, the nation's cartoonist have begun to weigh in with their opinions about this divisive issue.

One cartoonist that rarely holds back is Mike Lester, the staff cartoonist at the Rome News-Tribune. Here's his take on the protesting teachers in Wisconsin:

Mike's cartoon has already recieved a great deal of feedback, both in support of his position and horrified at his depiction of teachers. He gave us a quote he wanted to run with this post:

"I will worry about the children when they can vote in union elections." - Albert Shanker, president of the American Federation of Teachers from 1964 to 1984.

Here are some examples of the feedback we've received:

@estherjcepeda: Unfair. Foul. Wrong. Degrading. Offensive- even to someone who agrees the teachers came off bad in this. Still, imagery inexcusable!

@thisdaydreamer: FOUL! Why are the Republicans claiming fiscal emergency when they won't even talk to the unions who have offered cuts?

@DownGoesDiP: Nice to see Mike Lester's still a misogynistic piece of s--t.

Sarita Perl: I guess that makes Barry "Snow White".

Carolyn Livingston Dunston: Hilarious and true at the same time.

Larry Chandler: ‎$51,000 is not exactly a princely salary. If you want your kids to be educated, then you have to pay educators. Or teach them yourself (assuming you know it all).

Beth Cravens: It's brutal all right, but damned funny.

Jason Tromm: Guess that means the union bosses are pimps!?

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