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Sheen Goes Nuts

As we get ready to celebrate the Oscars (don't miss our Academy Awards Cartoon Slideshow) it's impossible to avoid hearing about poor Charlie Sheen. The actor had a bit of a meltdown, chronicled by cartoonist Rob Tornoe here:

Speaking in a more modest tone, Sheen told Jones that “most of the time—and this includes naps—I’m an F-18, bro, and I will destroy you in the air and deploy my ordnance to the ground.”

Terrific cartoonist Brian Fairrington is amazed that people consider this "news."

Brian Fairrington / PoliticalCartoons.com

Brilliant caricaturist Taylor Jones decides to pair Charlie Sheen with a natural companion, Lindsay Lohan.

Taylor Jones / PoliticalCartoons.com

Mike Lester of the Rome News-Tribune poke fun at 9/11 Conspirators, as Sheen counts himself among that group (explaining the call to "The Alex Jones Radio Show").

Mike Lester / Rome News-Tribune

Randy Bish of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review settles on a poster promoting next season's "Two and A Half Men".

Randy Bish / Pittsburgh Tribune-Review