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Randall Enos on Glenn Beck

Randall Enos / Cagle Cartoons

Randall Enos is a brilliant illustrator and cartoonist whose work has appeared in the The New York Times, NBC, National Lampoon, Playboy,Time and a host of other publications. Recently, Cagle Cartoons has begun syndicating his unique linocut cartoons to newspapers across the country, and the venerable illustrator has taken to blogging.

Here is a snippet from a recent blog post that Enos wrote about Glenn Beck losing his popular Fox News show. I wanted to share it because the post is great, and the caricature Enos created of Glenn Beck is fantastic and made me giggle:

I feel sorry for Glenn Beck.

I really do. The reason is that I’m beginning to come to the awful realization that he is actually crazy. Of course I’m basing this solely on my observation of his lunatic ravings, body language and general all-around demeanor… but I think I’m right. I don’t mean crazy like Sarah Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Bachmann and the Donald are crazy. I mean actually “mental institution” crazy. Because of this, I feel very bad about the way I have parodied and caricatured him. I realize now that I have been making fun of a person with an actual mental illness. Has any one else noticed this condition on his part?  Fox has dumped him primarily out of economical concerns of course but I can’t help but feel that someone up in the ivory towers of Fox Snooze might have also realized the mental illness. He needs help and it’s no laughing matter. He’s a millionaire who has gone mad. A potentially bad pairing…money and madness. His radio show will continue and perhaps another TV show and therein lies the menace because some people ACTUALLY believe his ravings. Who knows what that could lead to.

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