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Cam's Schwarzenegger Cartoon Wins Today

Cam's cartoon today in the Los Angeles Times.

Cam's cartoon in today's Los Angeles Daily News.

It is typical that newspaper editors will prefer the same cartoon on the same day. Even though editors receive stacks of syndicated editorial cartoons on their desk each day, there is often one dominent cartoon that is every editors’ favorite.  Today that cartoon is the Arnold Schwarzenegger Hummer bumper sticker cartoon, which ran in dozens of California newspapers, and in newspapers across the USA, by Canadian cartoonist, Cam Cardow.

What makes this cartoon unusual is that it is eight years old.  When the news of Arnold’s love child broke, I looked through our archives and found this appropriate oldie; I changed the date on it and sent it our to our subscribing newspapers.  I don’t do that very often, but this one was a good fit at the right time.

Cam’s oldie kicked butt, displacing the new Schwarzenegger cartoons today, on Arnold’s Love Child cartoon day.

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Cam Cardow / Ottawa Citizen, PoliticalCartoons.com