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My First, Published, Editorial Cartoon

My first editorial cartoon, in Fortune Magazine, back in 1981.

I’m in the process of moving, and digging through many years of accumulated junk in my house, and I came across this yellowed old tearsheet from the beginning of 1981, which I think is my first, published editorial cartoon.  Reagan had just taken office and was appointing his cabinet; Fortune Magazine commissioned young Daryl to draw the new “Reaganomics” economic team that was “coming out of the starting gates.”

I was fresh out of college, new to Manhattan, starting out as a cartoon illustrator and just about to start working for Jim Henson’s Muppets, back in 1981.  The “four horsemen of the economy” are Donald Regan, Martin Anderson, Murray Weidenbaum and David Stockman, with Ed Meese and Reagan watching.

I’ve been finding a lot of yellowed, crispy oldies as I dig through the moving muck.  There are mountains of Muppets in the garage.  Moving is hell.