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Controversial Steve Jobs Cartoon

Readers were divided about this Steve Jobs cartoon by Dutch cartoonist Hajo de Reijger. Some of you thought it was funny, even poignant. But most thought it was tasteless and unnecessary.

“I didn’t know Steve personally,” Hajo emailed me.  “I know his products, and they’re great!  But for me Steve Jobs is a human being that died. He was not the Messiah. His image did not appear on my toast this morning.”

We received a lot of feedback about it, and here are just a sampling of your comments:


Raul: I don’t like it. It shows a poor taste. However, is easy to see the irony on it. I think Jobs deserves a clever attempt to mock him.

Joann Betschart: iDisgusted.

Scott Bolderson: iGiggled. Life’ll kill ya’. Can’t take it.

Dennis Jasinski: Death is a fact of life….one that Steve Jobs himself faced with humor and tenacity. My favorite comment on his death was iSad.

John Tyrrell: iLOLed.

Nina Maya Cording: I think it’s reducing Steve Jobs to mainly those 3 devices he made popular in the last few years although it was so much more.

Nicola Stratford: Oh, come on. Our culture is so PC these days. If the cartoon has read igone or ipassed or some other euphemism, I’ll bet there’d be no debate. idead is the truth using the word that means just that; it’s not disrespect.

Judy Masterson Blandino: Thumbs down…deserved more creativity than that.

Dee Dee Merritt: If your living you are going to die, dont take it to seriously, I like it.

Clvex: It’s neither fair nor foul because there’s no real joke there. It’s not harsh, it just fails to find a punch line in that final panel. It’s a non sequitur.

Jennifer Bourne: I thought it was funny and poignant at the same time: he pioneered wonderful inventions and now he’s gone.