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Christian Heaven for Buddhist, Steve Jobs

My Australian cartoonist buddy, Nik Scott, reminded me that Apple’s Steve Jobs was a Buddhist, which makes the many heavenly cartoons that were drawn after his passing rather, erm … off the mark?  That’s Nik’s take in the cartoon at the right.

We often see editorial cartoonists imposing Christian imagery on non-Christians when they die. (After all, only one religion can be right, huh?)  Comedian George Carlin, a famous atheist, found a Christian heaven in many editorial cartoons. When Beatle George Harrison, a Hindu, died, the editorial cartoonists drew dozens of cartoons with George showing up in Christian heaven.

Perhaps it is insensitive to impose your own religion on someone else when they die – but what the heck - readers and editors love it. Among the cartoonists we syndicate, the Jobs Pearly Gates cartoons were the most reprinted.

Randy Bish / Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Paul Zanetti / Australia

Peter Broelman / Australia

David Fitzsimmons / Arizona Daily Star

Joep Bertrams / The Netherlands

Patrick Chappatte, International Herald Tribune

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