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Halloween Cartoons by Dan Reynolds

Click to view our collection of Reynolds Halloween cartoons

My buddy, famed greeting card artist Dan Reynolds, has put together a collection of his hilarious Halloween cartoons for us to share. Dan’s cartoons are read by millions of readers across the U.S., Canada and points beyond all the way down under in Australia. His work is seen in every issue of Reader’s Digest (where he is known for his cow, pig and chicken cartoons), on greetings cards everywhere, and in his many book collections.

Dan is also a fantastic painter, and has set up a Web site (Danreynoldsart.blogspot.com) to showcase his wonderful pastel paintings.

Here’s what Dan said about painting:

“Painting is my way of relaxing after a hard day of cartooning. For me, cartooning is an exercise of the mind. Painting is an exercise of the heart. Painting, for me, is the next step in my evolution as a creative person. It gives me a different sense of accompishment.   As a cartoonist, I feel like I’m eating candy all day long.  Painting give me the sense that I’m eating my vegetables, too, and enriching my body and soul.”

Click to view more of Dan Reynolds fantastic paintings.