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My Daughter Was Tear-Gassed at Occupy Oakland

My daughter, cartoonist Susie Cagle, was teargassed on Tuesday and had to avoid rubber bullets fired by Oakland police attempting to prevent a peaceful march of Occupy Oakland protesters from walking to the police department. Susie shot the iPhone video above.

“As I crouched down to protect myself, a teargas canister rolled right under my face and exploded,” she told The Daily Crosshatch. She’s been spending time at Occupy Oakland as part of her graphic series of the movement, which she is funding through Spot.Us.

A sketch from Susie's Occupy Oakland graphic series.

She's also decided to change the original scope of her series:

Yeah. It’s going to have to be totally different now. It was going to be a five-part piece about how different Occupy Oakland is from the rest of the occupation. When the camp was up, it was very different. They were primarily concerned with creating this functional mini-city, rather than doing focused protests and actions, which is very different than the other ones. They spent more time trying to figure out how to feed everyone and building a kids’ area, and a library and a community garden. That’s what they were spending their time on.

Read the entire interview here.