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My Kim Jong Il cartoons

Like many cartoonists, I'm sad that I'll never get the chance to draw North Korea's nutty leader Kim Jong Il again. Here's my cartoon about his death:

Kim Jong Il was great to draw. I was able to do this caricature of him featuring the back of his head, and everyone could still get who I was drawing. You can't do that with many characters:

Kim Jong Il was a pain in the rear for many Presidents. The most recent of course was President Obama:

A lot of times, it seemed like Kim Jong Il was toying with the world. Having a nuclear arsenal certainly gave him some leverage:

Most of the time, I think this was his attitude towards everyone except Elvis: 

He was also a torn in the side of the Bush administration, who tried to reach out to the wacky leader on more than one occasion: 


His enduring legacy - a nutjob with crazy hair in charge of a country with nuclear weapons. Sounds like the plot of an Adam Sandler movie: