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South Carolina Debate: Five Must See Cartoons

For all those debate-deprived readers out there, fear not - the five remaining GOP candidates are back on stage in South Carolina tonight starting at 9 p.m. on Fox News. 

There are a lot of story-lines floating around - will Gingrich's attacks on Romney and Bain Capital stick? Can Ron Paul eek out another upset? Will Rick Perry show up?

Here a five funny political cartoons that should prime you for tonight's debate. 

Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle, PoliticalCartoons.com

Jimmy Margulies / The Record, PoliticalCartoons.com

Adam Zyglis / Buffalo News, PoliticalCartoons.com

Tim Eagan / PoliticalCartoons.com

R.J. Matson / St. Louis Post-Dispatch, PoliticalCartoons.com

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