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It looks like the internet blackout of big sites like Wikipedia, Reddit and others had the effect they were after, as lawmakers have postponed the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the anti-piracy legislation that was intended to cut off access to overseas Websites transferring pirated and counterfeit products. 

Here's my cartoon about SOPA and Protect IP Act (PIPA). I don't know if many people who have railed against SOPA and PIPA understand that not every creator is a rich musician whose house has been featured on MTV Cribs.

So far, comments about my cartoon have run the gamut on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Here's a sampling:

Adam Badtothe Bohn: "Yep, it's not like there are existing copyright laws..."

Greg Kanyicska: "All ideas must be monetized because an income stream is the only way a creative product can be truly valued. The free spread of ideas is patently worthless."

Francesca Annis: "The cartoon demonstrates something many of us do. Find information in its various forms and share it with others at no charge."

Edward Virtually: "You're an idiot. Welcome to blocking. This isn't a joking matter. SOPA = internet death. Get educated. or shut up." 

Here are some additional cartoons about SOPA and PIPA from a couple of our cartoonists. What do you think?  

Rob Tornoe / Media Matters, PoliticalCartoons.com

Manny Francisco / PoliticalCartoons.com