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Readers Respond To 'War On Women' Cartoon

Adam Zyglis / Buffalo News

For the past few weeks, the rhetoric on the campaign has shifted from the economy and job creation to birth control and women’s reproductive rights. Many cartoonists have weighed in on the topic (view our collection of women’s rights cartoons here), but this cartoon to the right by Adam Zyglis of the Buffalo News stood out.

We’ve had a lot of readers react to the cartoon via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Here's just a sample of what they said about the cartoon: 

Steve Berlin: “Totally unfair. Because the GOP would never put “Women” and “rights” in the same sentence.”

Don Mitchell: “Why not? Sarah Palin can draw targets on a map and play the victim card.”

Gerardo Enrique Garibay Camarena: “It’s Foul, and it amazes me how libs are incapable to understand that the symbol used in Palin’s map was NOT a target.”

Theresa McGrath Moran: “Takes a woman to make a man…remember who’s body you came out of.”

Dave Washburn: “Oh wait, I get it. If you’re against the government forcing religious institutions to violate their religious beliefs, you’re for shooting women. OK, now it makes sense.”

Maite Brown: “Contraception is the target. Sadly….NOT fair.”

Paul J Falkowski: “THIS IS Another expression of violence.”

Barbara Elizabeth: “This time it is not being promoted as something that SHOULD be done to the other side, but instead as something that the other side is ALREADY doing. Big difference since the weirdos out there won’t see this as an instruction from the left, but instead as a critique of the right.”

What do you think? Comment below and weigh in – fair or foul!