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Cartoonist points finger at NRA for Colorado shooting

In response to the deadly shooting that has left 12 dead in an Aurora, Colorado theater, cartoonist Milt Priggee weighed in with this tough cartoon laying blame on the NRA: 

As you can expect, readers were polorized by the cartoon. Here are some comments from my Facebook page

JW Dalton: Is there no tragedy that some liberals won't exploit? Please hold off on politicizing the Colorado incident for at least a day or two.

Karen Woodward: Seeking to end injustice is not exploitation

Nadja Rider: Foul! Guns don't kill people - the person pulling the trigger is the one doing the killing.

Jim Keller: I'm a gun owner, ex-NRA member, and Republican and yes, the NRA does indeed deserve some of the blame. They have gotten progressively more insane since the Clinton era.

Mary H. Ruth: If it's okay to point a gun, it's okay to point a finger. I'm sick of gun lovers making us all victims of their evil obsession.