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July was a scorcher, even for cartoonists

If you lived in the U.S. last month, I'm not breaking any news by saying July was hot! In fact the average temperature across the continental U.S. was 77.6 Fahrenheit, which is a full 3.3 degrees above the 20th century average, making it the hottest July on recordDrought now covers nearly 63 percent of the lower 48 states, where average precipitation is 0.19 inch below average.

Despite our air conditioned studios, cartoonists feel the heat too. Here are some funny and timely heat-related cartoons:

Pat Bagley / Salt Lake Tribune (click to view more cartoons by Bagley)

Cam Cardow / Ottawa Citizen (click to view more cartoons by Cam)

Rob Tornoe / PoliticalCartoons.com (click to view more cartoons by Tornoe)

Joe Heller / Green Bay Press-Gazette (click to view more cartoons by Heller)

Chris Weyant / The Hill (click to view more cartoons by Weyant)