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9/11 seared into the memory of a generation

Hartford Courant political cartoonist Bob Englehart had a nice take on the 11th anniversary of the horrible attack on September 11, 2001:

This day is our Pearl Harbor Day and will be as long as there are people who will remember. As for the real Pearl Harbor Day, that generation, the Greatest Generation, is dying out and with it, those emotional memories of where they were when they first heard.

We baby boomers, Gen X-ers, whatever we want to label adults living today, have a ways to go before we reach the end of our time on the planet. 9/11 will be with us for a long time, our defining moment in the war on terror.

But a child born 11 years ago today would, of course, have no memory of that Tuesday in September when the unthinkable happened. I hope their generation will be spared the trauma and death that a day like that can bring. If it is, it will be another milestone for the human race, but a positive one this time.

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